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Who Is CEI?

    Incorporated in 1997, Computing Engineering, Inc. (CEI) is a leading software development and engineering consulting firm with its headquarters in McLean, VA. CEI delivers information technology (IT) solutions to meet clients' business needs. CEI's effort is directed toward delivering high quality services and products to clients.

    CEI provides clients with IT solutions they need to perform their jobs. CEI is dedicated to provide expertise in Information Technology (IT) Services, Software Development Services, e-Commerce, Data and Computer Communications Network, and Telecommunications. CEI's core ideology is to bring together individuals that provide superior, innovative technical contributions to all endeavors in which we participate. Over our existence, we have firmly established CEI as an entity and developed a reputation for unsurpassed technical excellence with all of our customers. We are dedicated to hard work to provide analytical rigor to yield innovative, engineered solutions for success.


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